5 Steps A Carpet Cleaner Takes In Memphis, TN

The Steps A Carpet Cleaner Takes When Cleaning Your Carpet In Memphis, TN

When hiring a carpet cleaner in Memphis, TN, there are many steps that the company needs to take in order to complete the whole process from start to finish. A professional carpet cleaning company will always have a reliable process because it allows for accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

An experienced company like Castle One Rotary Steam Carpet Restoration that provides Memphis carpet cleaning services does not just come to your home, clean, then leave. There is a whole process that they take each time they are working with a client. The five steps that a carpet cleaner will typically take when cleaning your carpet include:

  • Evaluation

  • Moving Items

  • Stain Treatment

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Inspection

If you are planning to receive Memphis carpet cleaning services, these steps will give you an idea of what to expect from the company. Not all companies are exactly the same, but most trained companies will take these steps.


Before a Memphis carpet cleaning services company works on your home, they will need to come there to evaluate what they will be working on. This will give them an idea of what they should be doing and what products and equipment they should be using. It will leave them with an idea and plan so that they can come and get things done properly without having any surprises.

Moving Items

A carpet cleaning company will also usually provide help in moving smaller or larger furniture out of the way if it is blocking the area that they need to work in. The Memphis carpet cleaning services company will typically do this both beforehand, as well as once they are finished to help you put everything back where it belongs.

Stain Treatment

The first thing that they will do when it comes to cleaning is treating any stains, in particular, that stand out the most. Stains are important to pay extra care to, so making sure they are being treated first with extra care is important in attempting to remove them from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Many people often have the misconception that companies who provide Memphis carpet cleaning services will only be there to treat spots and stains, which is not the case. A carpet cleaner will clean the entire carpet in your home that you ask them to clean because this increases the lifetime of the carpet to make sure it is staying in good condition over time. People will often believe that spots and stains are the only dirty part of their carpet, but the truth is that the entire carpet is dirty and needs cleaning.


Once the carpet cleaning company is finished with everything, they should do one last walkthrough of your home to make sure that they got absolutely everything without leaving any stains or spots behind. This is kind of like a recap of what they did, just to make sure that the customer got everything that they asked for. A reliable and well-trained company like Castle One Rotary Steam Carpet Restoration will do this because their technicians are trained in making sure their job gets done perfectly.