Increasing The Lifetime Of Your Upholstery In Memphis, TN

How To Increase The Longevity Of Your Furniture In Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN may have many people interested in knowing how to increase the longevity of their upholstered furniture. With upholstered furniture being in so many homes across the city, having an idea of how to keep up with it can be useful to many people. It will save people money, time, and hassle. 

Many companies with carpet cleaning services in Memphis provide upholstery services as well, like Castle One Rotary Steam Carpet Restoration. The services that they provide can cover minor problems, and even very severe problems where a piece of furniture needs a complete remodel. Although hiring a company that provides carpet cleaning services in Memphis for their upholstery service can be useful, there are also many tips that these professionals will give you to save you money. The tips that will increase the lifetime of your upholstered furniture include:

  • Clean messes quick

  • Vacuum often

  • Flip cushions

  • Keep out of sunlight

By using these tips that a company like Castle One Rotary Steam Carpet Restoration who provides upholstery and carpet cleaning services in Memphis would suggest, you will be on track to allowing your upholstered furniture to last much longer. This will save you both money and time, and will also keep your home looking and feeling much cleaner all around.

Clean Messes Quick

If there is a spill or mess on your furniture, the best thing to do is to clean it as quick as you can and the best you can. If you leave it there or wait a while before you clean it, your furniture will end up having a stain on it or it will be much harder to get out. This decreases the lifespan of the product and will end up costing you more money to get it fixed since you will need to hire a company that provides upholstery services and carpet cleaning services in Memphis.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming your furniture often, including between the cushions, will keep your furniture fresh and clean. If you allow food, crumbs, dust, dirt, and any other material to build upon or around your furniture, you will end up damaging the furniture with smells, stains, and wear.

Flip Cushions

Many people don’t often think about this, but flipping over your cushions often will be helpful if your cushions allow you to do that. By flipping your cushions every couple of weeks or every month or so, you will allow the cushions to evenly wear down on both sides over time. This will give you a longer-lasting cushion as you will get more use out of it.

Keep Out Of Sunlight

Keeping your upholstered furniture out of sunlight is another tip that a company with upholstery and carpet cleaning services in Memphis would suggest. If you keep your furniture directly in sunlight all the time, it will cause the fabric to fade much quicker from the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun. Sunlight can also cause the furniture to deteriorate much quicker along with the fading, which will decrease its longevity.