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Residents and potential clients of the Greater Memphis Tennessee Area, Do you have grit, dirt, grime, body oil, soap scum, mold and, and other contaminants impacted into the grout and raised surfaces of the tile in your home?
Castle One Steam Carpet Cleaning\Restoration specializes in rotary steam extraction restoration tile cleaning care services of ceramic and natural stone surfaces. Residents of the Greater Memphis Tennessee Area tile cleaning is technical and tedious work. This service should be performed by a certified trained professional with advance knowledge and in tile floors. The technician should have knowledge of sealed and unsealed tile floors, as well as how to treat glazed tiles. Most untrained cleaners will chase the appearance of clean when tile cleaning services are unprofessionally performed. In most cases harsh chemicals are used to deliver this false appearance of clean. Castle One Steam Carpet Cleaning\Restoration uses environment friendly all natural super concentrated organic enzymes and cleaning that will neutralize and digest all embedded grease, dirt, grime, mold and mildew, body oils, hard water deposits, and stains that are given you less than desired appearance of tile showers and floors. A unprofessional cleaner will use a acid or alkaline based cleaning solution. The (ph) value will determine wether the cleaning solution is a acid or a alkaline based cleaning solution. These harsh cleaning solutions in the hands of a unprofessional cleaner can cause damage to your home. Our mission at Castle One is to promote health and safety for our clients. No harsh cleaning agents or solutions will be used in tile cleaning restoration care services. Calcification and other minerals caused by precipitates caused by the effects of hard water deposits is the white haze on glass and tile floors. If a alkaline based is not thoroughly rinsed off, it will set on the tile and grout surface causing the floor to become slippery. The film of the harsh cleaning solution\detergent will also cause grit, dirt, grease, grime, and other contaminants to stick quicker causing a vicious cycle of more detergent being added making the initial problems worse. A untrained or unprofessional cleaner believes it is too expensive to use hot water or steam, however the knowledgeable trained technicans at Castle One Steam Carpet Cleaning\Restoration has the proper training and knowledge that hot water and steam makes it easier to remove soap scum, dirt , grit, and other debris. Organic cleaning promotes heath, safety, and wellness for our clients of the Greater Memphis Tennessee Area, and their families. Residents of Tennessee, Missippi, and Arkansas lets now cover acids cleaners. A acid cleaner will have a (ph) of 7 if the acid cleaning solution has a (ph) of 1 it is extremely acidic and will cause damage to tiles, stainless steel components and fixtures. Hydrofluoric, sulfuric acid must and should be avoided at all times, because of their acidic content. Potential clients of the Greater Memphis Tennessee Area, allow the highly trained certified technicians at Castle One Steam Carpet Cleaning\Restoration to apply all natural enzymes and cleaning agents throughout the entire area of the after floors have been cleared of dry debris. After employing a 20 minute dwell time the natural organic enzymes and cleaning agents will neutralize and digest all embedded debris and contaminants. Castle One Steam Carpet Cleaning\Restoration has a arsenal of rotary restoration cleaning carpet and tile cleaning systems, but the Rotovac XL is our go for tile cleaning restoration care services. The Rotovac 360 XL uses a combination of rotary nylon brush bristles and spray jets to thoroughly clean tile and grout. The spray jets can employ heated water\steam or unheated water. As the nylon brush bristles scrub the grout and raised tile surface of the tile floor impacted grit, dirt, and grime is broken loose from the pores of the grout. Simultaneously vacuum slots are working in conjunction to extract all contaminants. Residents of the Greater Memphis Tennessee Area this process will leave your tile floors clean and sparkling with your grout lines rejuvenated adding true beauty to your home after tile and grout cleaning restoration care services.

And don’t forget the best part. Once we’re done making your tile and grout sparkling clean, we can use the same machine with a different cleaning head to clean your carpets in no time! We are proud to offer service carpet and hard floor surface services. Call us today or fill out our Free Estimate Request to get a quote. We look forward to providing you with excellent carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services!

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